Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is PMS ?

PMS (Payroll Management System Punjab) is a free application software package which is useful to accomplishing and managing payroll activities of small offices of Punjab. It is helpful to generate paybills, schedules & various types of quarterly and annual reports. etc.

Why my PC monitor shows only half portion of PMS window, Some buttons are not visible on monitor?

This is the problem of screen resolution. To solve this problem on Win Xp Right Click on Desktop -->Properties--> Increase Screen Resolution.

How can I remove "PMS login Failed" error on Window 7 OS ?

"PMS Login Failed " error can be removed by making the following setting on your system: Go to Control Panel --> User Accounts --> Change User Account Control Setting--> Move the slider button to "Never Notify" Important Step : Then restart your computer.

How to Install PMS on 64-bit System ?

PMS is supplied with MS SQL Express 2005 for 32 bit system. If your system is 64bit then you need to download and install 64 bit version of MS SQL Express. Link to download 64 bit version MS SQL Express 2005 is given in "Useful Links" page of this website.

How can I edit the report/output of PMS according to my own requirement ?

To edit the output of PMS you need to save the report as an MS Excel File. You can save the report as MS Excel file by clicking on the "Save" (Floppy type) icon at the top of the report. Then you can edit the output of PMS according to your own requirement.

How to install new version of PMS ?

If you are already using PMS then it is very important to follow the proper set of instruction to install updated/new version of PMS other wise it will result in loss of your earlier data. Before installing the new version you must backup your data (Admin Login). After securing your data you can uninstall the old version of PMS from Control Panel-->Add Remove Programs-->Remove PMS. When uninstallation is complete then you can install the new version of PMS same as given in "How to Install PMD.pdf". After successful installation you can restore your data from earlier backup excel file.

How to take backup data in PMS ?

It is adviced that you should take databackup regularly for safety of data from system breakdown and before installing the new version you must backup your data : (Admin Login) (Step-1 ). Go to Data Backup->Data Backup->Browse button to give name to file-> Click Backup Button.(Step-2). Go to Data Backup->Export Data to Excel ->Save as button to give name to file-> Click Export Data.

How can I edit Institute name/DDO Code/Salary Head etc. in PMS ?

In PMS you can edit the Institute details by making admin login to PMS. Then go to Menu Setting -->Organisation Details and update the details accordingly.

Why Arrear bill amount is not include in reports generated by PMS ?

In most of the reports Arrear amount is added based on the encashment date of arrear bill. So always set the encahsment date for all types of entries including Salary & Arrear bill before generating the reports.

Is this compulsory to enter date of encashment in PMS & How to enter the date of encashment in PMS ?

Many of the calculations are based on the encashment date of paybill/arrearbills. So to insure correct calculations it is recomended that you should enter the encashment details regularly/montlhy as you get it from Treasury Office. Steps :To enter the date of encashment go to ->Payroll Menu ->Set Encashment Date.

How can I delete the wrong entry in PMS ?

In PMS you can not delete any employee's detail rather employees details can be modified only. To delete any payroll entry go to ->Detailed View Menu ->Payroll Detailed View->Select the particular row->Press Delete button at the Top. Step-2 :Wrong payroll entry can also be updated from the payroll window.

What are the limitations of PMS ?

Present version of PMS do not include some of the special allowances like NPA etc. But we are still woking on PMS to include these allowances in future version. Secondly PMS will generate the reports only for the period for which data has been entered in PMS.


DISCLAIMER : Every effort has been made to avoid error or omissions in calculation. In spite of this, errors may creep in. Any mistake, error or discrepancy noted may be brought to notice which shall be taken care of in the next update. As Salary/Pay matters differ from case to case and employee to employee so, PMS may or may not be applicable to your particular case. It is notified that author (developer) will not be responsible for any damage or loss of action to any one, of any kind, in any manner there from. At the same time we do not guarantee the correctness and applicability of the calculations and reports generated by PMS. Please verify original Govt. Of India / Govt. Of Punjab documents/rules/notification for all the calculations purposes.