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New version of PMS is uploaded. Ensure databackup of your old PMS before installing new version.

You can download the file(s) by clicking on "Download" button given against the file of your choice. It is recomended that you must read the instructions given in "How to Install PMS.pdf" for proper installation of PMS.

If you downlaod PMS write an E-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
So that you can be informed about any future updates of PMS.

Why PMS is updated so frequently?

As we continuously receive valuable suggestions and feedback from PMS users. Some of the suggestions and error reports need immediate considerations and then we update the PMS accordingly. Our aim is to make corrected and updated version immediately available to esteemed users of PMS.



PMS 4.7.7 (Payroll Management System for Punjab) : Main Package HOT
(32 votes)
This download is meant for the new users. For proper installation of PMS, please read the instructions given in "How to Install PMS.pdf". This pdf file is also included in downloaded zip folder. This download is common for 32 bit & 64 bit systems.
Date 28-10-2018 File Size 86.4 Download 94916 Download

(34 votes)
This file contains step by step instruction to install PMS (Payroll Management System for Punjab).
Date 13-02-2015 File Size 654.74 KB Download 13870 Download

PMS Updated 4.8 HOT
(2 votes)

This download is meant for those who has already installed PMS (Earlier Version) successfully and want to install updated version. If you have downloaded & installed PMS 4.8 then no need to install this. Please read the instructions given in "How to update PMS.pdf" .    (What's new in PMS 4.8)

Date 26-02-2020 File Size 3.58 MB Download 315 Download

How to Upgrade PMS HOT
(19 votes)
This file contains the step by step instructions to upgrade PMS.
Date 03-02-2015 File Size 2.16 MB Download 6337 Download

IFSC Data File HOT
(15 votes)
This zip file includes the IFSC Bank details "sql file" which can be restored in PMS only. If this file is restored in PMS then bank details will be filled by system itself from IFSC. Read instructions given in "How to restore IFSC in PMS".
Date 29-06-2017 File Size 3.23 MB Download 6843 Download

How to Restore IFSC data in PMS HOT
(13 votes)
This file includes step by step instruction to restore IFSC Data (Bank Details) in PMS. This is related to "IFSC Data zip file".
Date 03-02-2015 File Size 253.24 KB Download 3869 Download

How to use Recovery Manger HOT
(12 votes)
This file is a part of PMS Tutorials. This file shows steps about How to use "Recovery Manager in PMS". This module is used to manage ROP Installments / Wheat Loan Installments / Festival Loan Installments / GPF Loan Recovery Installments etc.
Date 03-02-2015 File Size 649.19 KB Download 4181 Download


To learn about the use of PMS visit the Tutorial page of this website.

DISCLAIMER : Every effort has been made to avoid error or omissions in calculation. In spite of this, errors may creep in. Any mistake, error or discrepancy noted may be brought to notice which shall be taken care of in the next update. As Salary/Pay matters differ from case to case and employee to employee so, PMS may or may not be applicable to your particular case. It is notified that author (developer) will not be responsible for any damage or loss of action to any one, of any kind, in any manner there from. At the same time we do not guarantee the correctness and applicability of the calculations and reports generated by PMS. Please verify original Govt. Of India / Govt. Of Punjab documents/rules/notification for all the calculations purposes.